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  • Make it your New Year's Resolution to END the clutter in your home

    2014-12-15 10:29:41 Posted By Jila Rezai
    It doesn't matter if you live in a five-story home, or in a studio apartment, chances are you have a problem with clutter. A recent survey conducted for Professional Organizers in Canada revealed that nearly three out of four of us feel disorganized. There's no better time than the new year to take stock of what you need and what needs to go.
    Tina Holmes, a home decor expert for the GTA Home + Reno Show, says it's important to tackle your clutter head on. "Clutter creates stress. It gives you a sense that your space is in flux and things need to get done. This prevents you from having a relaxing experience in your own home."
    First order of business when de-cluttering is to take out all the unnecessary items. "Be ruthless," says Holmes. "Over the course of just one year, we collect so many things and you may not realize it, but even small giveaway key chains and old magazines add up. If you have not used it in the past year-and it's not a seasonal item- you should really consider if you still need to keep it. Once you've cleared out all unwanted items, focus on maximizing shelving space."
    Home renovation and design experts are happy to give us helpful advice on how to maximize the space we do have.
    Holmes points out for example, that the GTA + Reno Show is a good starting point for homeowners looking for guidance. "We have experts on site who can advise the best options for your particular needs. Make sure you bring your floor plan, pictures of your current space, or even magazine clippings of your design inspiration so they can steer you in the right direction."
    Holmes also highlights the show's local exhibitors: "The majority of them are local GTA and Canadian suppliers so they really know the market. They are familiar with the general concerns of GTA residents, they know the standard layout of most homes and condos, and they know the storage requirements needed in changing seasons because they deal with those exact same conditions themselves."