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  • What are my closing costs going to be?

    2018-05-09 11:41:51 Posted By Jila Rezai


    Closing costs are upfront costs that you must pay when you purchase a home, usually before you move in. Your lawyer can help explain these costs. In addition to your down payment, you must have funds available to cover these extra costs. 

    Closing costs may include but are not limited to:

    • Legal fees
    • Property Transfer Tax
    • Mortgage Default Insurance Premium
    • Appraisal Fee
    • Home Inspection Fee
    • Title Insurance
    • Property tax and utility adjustments

    Other up-front costs

    • Moving and storage costs
    • Real estate costs for selling your home (if applicable)
    • Redirecting mail
    • Utility hook-up fees
    • Painting and cleaning
    • Property Insurance

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